Health Insurance

Your «personal» advisor with exclusive insurance solutions

At Mega Brokers we ensure access to the private health care for every citizen reliably and responsibly in cooperation with most of the Greek and international insurance companies and exclusive deals.

The need for private health insurance is much higher than ever in the present conditions with the current adverse conditions to continually reduce the levels of National Healthcare offered.

The ongoing reforms of the National Health System, with continuous cuts occurring due to the economic crisis and the budget deficit, gradually undermine the benefits and the quality of services of the insured.

Shortage of medical supplies and equipment, medication, exams and tests, nursing staff and physicians significantly affect the quality of daily life and degrade the needs of the insured individuals.

As in any other country of the developed world, private insurance supplements the gaps in National social security, extends benefits supported and operates in parallel and complementary to it. The necessity of these additional benefits is well covered by the insurance companies which offer a variety of affordable programs to all citizens. The additional benefits offered are manifold:

  • High quality services
  • Essence of dignity and security
  • Prevention and early treatment
  • Responsible and effective medical treatment
  • Access to the most modern methods for treatment
  • More pleasant hospitalization conditions


Γρηγόριος Κουδούνης

Γρηγόριος Κουδούνης

Head of Group Life and Health |
John Pappas

John Pappas

Manager – Life Department
Aristea Spiliopoulou

Aristea Spiliopoulou

Officer – Life Department Support